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Become an Associate

Welcome to Vutul.Com . If you want to be an associate, you can check the demo with the following credential. 

Login URL https://www.vutul.com/associate.php
Username demo_associate
Password vutul158


  • Portal Link

    Associate can send the link to their students.

  • Plan

    Which plan an associate purchased from admin panel, will show here. ADMIN Will Get Commissions On test if any student Purchase It.

My Subject

My Subject

Associate can see only those subjects, which he/she assigned in the time of registrations. But he/she can not edit or delete those subjects from his/her own pannel.


  • Mange Topic

    Associate can see all topics of the subject which admin assigned from admin panel. But he/she can not edit or delete these topic. He only can manage his/her own topic which he/she added.

  • Add Topic

    Here he/she can add the topics of the subject.


  • Add Question

    Associate can add question here.

  • Manage Questions

    Associate can also edit or delete the questions which he/she added.

Test Categories

  • Test Categories

    Associate can show only those test categories which were added by admin.

Test Groups

Test Groups

Associate can show only those test groups which were added by admin.


  • Add Test

    Associate can add test on any subject from here. Those test will show on his/her portal after approved by admin.

  • Manage Test

    Associate can delete or modify those test from here, if he/she want.



Associate can check his/her transaction process here. He / she can also redeem his/her balance if his/her blance is more than Rs. 500. If any student purchase any test, admin will get commission on each test.