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Vutul for Organizations

Welcome to Vutul.Com . If you are an organization, you can check the demo with the following credential.

Front Panel: https://www.institute.vutul.com/demo/index

Admin Panel:

Login URL https://www.vutul.com/institute.php
Username demo
Password U_38z~k!


  • Update Logo

    An institute can update logo form here.

  • Update Slider

    Institute can add & change banner images from here.

  • Add Stream

    Institute can add stream from here .

  • Manage Stream

    Institute can modify or delete any streams from here if tdey want.

  • Year Name

    Institute can add year of examinations.

  • Manage Year

    Institute can delete any year from tdeir panel.

  • Add Semister

    Institute can delete any semister from tdeir panel.

  • Manage Semister

    Institute can edit or delete any semister from her panel.

Question Management

  • subject Add

    An institute can add subject for making a exam from here.

  • Manage Subject

    Institute can modify or delete subject from here.

  • Add Topic

    Institute can add topic on any subject from here .

  • Manage Topic

    Institute can modify or delete any topic from here if tdey want.

  • Add Question

    Institute can add question on any subject for examinations. To add a question, tde institute have to choose a subject , a topic and what type of question tdey want to add in tdeir exam.

  • Manage Question

    Institute can modify any question from tdeir panel.

Test Management

  • Add Test

    An institute can make test from here.

  • Manage Test

    Institute can modify or delete test from here.


  • Add Student

    An institute can register students from here.

  • Manage Student

    Institute can remove any student from here.

  • Student Bulk Update

    Institute can update student bulk from here

  • Import Student

    Institute can register a group of student at once by import a single csv file.